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Empowering People.

Uniting Communities.


We build apps for all kinds of communities.
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Are you still sending emails?

  • Perception: People's mailboxes are overflowing with solicitations. By sending emails, you're being perceived as just another organization that needs something.
  • Engagement: You can increase member engagement 100x by developing an app for your community. Unlike blasting emails, your members feel that you have given them something valuable.
  • Onboarding: When the app is ready, we work with you to help invite your members and walk them through getting started, finding their friends, and setting up their interests. Our custom solutions help e.g. securely invite tenants or shipmates to manage their respective apartments or cabins.
  • Conversation: Give members the tools engage with each other around topics of interest in your community. You can become part of the conversations that develop, in an organic way that everyone appreciates.
  • Reporting: You'll be able to see measurable improvements in key metrics, like member engagement and participation in community events. Share the reports with your management and stakeholders.
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10,498,200 Users

Stay in control of your community.

  • Open source: Until now, you could set up your community on Facebook or Slack. The Qbix Platform is completely open source, which means you have the option of hosting it on your own servers.
  • Customization: Just like with Wordpress, you can install themes and plugins, hire developers and change whatever you want. Integrate seamlessly with your existing website. You never have to settle for cookie-cutter options.
  • Security: By giving communities control over where their data is stored, the Qbix platform opens up new possibilities, like storing health information or grades, delivering features that patients and students may want.
  • Personalized: All the experiences we build are personalized for every user, whether on your website or in the app store. We can even help print business cards and QR code stickers that highly personalize your community's activities in the real world.
  • Marketplace: The Qbix Platform is home to Apps developed specifically for Communities, like voting, attendance, profiles, and group activities. We've built a unified foundation which takes care of versions, users, permissions, security, and much more. We can connect you with certified app developers to help you customize the experience for your community, and maintain it for the foreseeable future.

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