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The Qbix Platform

Assemble apps
from reusable parts.

About Qbix

There are lots of frameworks out there for making websites. You've probably encountered them. Well, Qbix is different. It was designed from the ground up to power social apps.

A social app is an app that enables spontaneous communication and collaboration between users.

Out of the box, Qbix helps any app support user accounts, real-time collaboration and offline notifications, automatically scaling up to millions of users if necessary.

Building with Qbix

Apps built with Qbix can go viral as they work on practically every device and integrate with

  • emails + address books
  • mobile phones + contacts
  • facebook accounts + friend lists

Working in the Qbix platform encourages best practices when it comes to modern web standards, security, privacy, and achieving business objectives.

A new landscape

If you build or use websites, you know the landscape has steadily changed. Over 60% of mobile phone users now use internet-enabled smartphones.1 You need to reach them where they are.

No — more than that — you should empower people to use your app in ways that take advantage of their new devices, while respecting their privacy and protecting them from information overload.

Qbix lets you get it right. It's a modular platform that provides a lot right out of the box, and can be easily extended with new functionality.