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Just some of Qbix's major features:

More features for advanced users:

There is much more to Qbix...

One-step signup

Believe it or not, people invited through an app in Qbix can immediately claim their account and get started using the app in one step. Here's how it looks to the user who's never encountered the app before:

  • Person gets an sms from the friend asking them to click a link (optional)
  • Person gets an sms from the app, with a unique invitation link
  • By clicking the link the person confirms their mobile number and claims their account
  • They are greeted by one step: a dialog to fill in their name and accept the TOS

After this, they get an account and can start using your app! By allowing the invited user to get started so seamlessly, Qbix apps have a better chance of growing virally.

In case you're wondering, Qbix allows people to control who can see their first and last name (unlike some prominent social platforms). People can set up a username for those who can't see either.