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The Qbix Platform

Assemble apps
from reusable parts.

Interactive Marketing Agencies

Qbix was designed and built by industry veterans who spent many years designing social media campaigns, facebook apps, and interactive experiences. When it comes to building a new campaign, we know that quick turnaround, flexibility and reliability are essential.

  • Separation of concerns: Qbix is built to enable teams to work together. For example, have your designers create the themes first, and when you kick off your project, the developers can build the back end support to make the app work. Since all Qbix apps have a common structure, system admins and testers have an easier time, too.
  • Re-use building blocks: Get projects done faster by re-using stuff built in earlier projects. Often, demos can be thrown together in short order by placing a few self-contained tools on custom-designed pages.
  • Flexibility: Almost everything in Qbix is overridable, and it can easily interoperate with other frameworks and libraries. Whether it's back-end or front-end APIs, Qbix is designed to play nice with others.
  • Reward your users: Qbix comes with plugins such as Assets, which supports badges, leaderboards and credits right out of the box. Integrate with any payment processor, such as Stripe.
  • Scalable: Unlike other web frameworks, Qbix is ready to handle the day your campaign goes viral. The database layer in Qbix is designed help developers build schemas that smoothly scale with increasing load, while still maintaining 99.99% uptime.
  • Be where the users are: Qbix handles all the details of integrating with email, facebook, and even mobile phones. We've had to tackle lots of architectural and security implications, so you don't have to.
  • Viral invitations: Don't simply rely on word of mouth. Let people invite each other through SMS, email and facebook, taking advantage of our one-step invitation system.
  • Increase engagement: When you build an app that lets people collaborate from any device, they will find their own reasons to engage with your app more frequently and meaningfully.
  • Measure and optimize: Rather having to guess how your app is doing, use Qbix's Metrics plugin built specifically to measure virality and engagement. Use up-to-date reports to show how your campaigns are performing. Of course, you can still integrate Google Analytics or anything else.