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The Qbix Platform

Build apps
from reusable parts.

Back End Technology Stack

  • PHP: Qbix runs on pretty much any environment with PHP 5 or above.
  • MySQL: Currently, Qbix needs MySQL to store data, but other adapters are coming soon.
  • Node.js: Optional but highly recommended, enables real time updates, notifications and more.

Front End Technology Stack

  • Browsers: Qbix comes with libraries to quickly build extremely efficient web apps for desktop or mobile browsers.
  • PhoneGap: Also known as Cordova, it can be used to build native mobile apps with Qbix, which integrate with the phone's contact list and more.
  • jQuery: Some of Qbix's plugins make use of jQuery on the front end.
  • Socket.io: Connects with Node.js on the back end to enable real time updates in the user interface.