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Empowering People.

Uniting Communities.

We build apps that help people get things done in the real world.

Manage your contacts in one place
Access all your events in one click

Our Philosophy

The internet has given us opportunities to connect with one another like never before. Yet, most sites we use today have barely tapped that potential. We believe in the power of well-designed tools to improve people's lives and bring about positive social change. They are characterized by five main aspects:
  • Time: Instead of priding ourselves on how much time people spend in our apps, we want people to get in, get out, and get results.
  • Utility: Help people get things done in the real world, rather than building an online persona.
  • Notifications: Let people control which updates they receive about things happening in their life, instead of getting them addicted to notifications like a slot machine.
  • Organic: In every context, pre-compute useful information and present it to the user, enabling them to do more in less steps.
  • Business Model: Make money by helping people accomplish useful things as a group, not just by selling advertising.

Our Mission

Why do we all have to rely on giant corporations mediate our interactions, and trust them with our data, identity and brand? Qbix works to put power back in the hands of the people. And we don't just talk about it , we are building it! In order for people to switch, the alternative must be as good as what they're using now.
  • Qbix Platform: We've developed a social operating system for the Web, that puts power back in the hands of people, communities and social app developers. It is part of a movement to decentralize the Web, moving it from Feudalism to a Free Market of reusable components that anyone can use.
  • Qbix Browser: We've working on releasing social web browser where you can share and discuss all kinds of web pages with friends, from events to restaurants to news. You'll be able to search all your browsing history and chats quickly, manage your contacts, and be more productive. And you can do it all privately, using your personal address book and encrypted communication.
  • QBUX Token: Monetizing open source software and digital content on the web is a challenging problem. We are working to solve it by leveraging the network effects we are building up with our growing user base. Qbix can help usher in a new era of collaboration and micropayments on the Web.