Seven Million Users!

We passed a new milestone recently: Qbix apps have attracted 7 million users from around the world. Here are some more cool stats:

  • Qbix apps are used over 1.2 million times a month
  • by people in nearly 100 different countries.
  • They are translated into 15 languages by hand,
  • and another 100 languages using Google Translate
  • Every day, 2000 new users discover our apps,
  • including 300 community leaders and 80 business owners.
  • We have 80,000 community leaders to date.
  • The Calendars app runs continuously on 27,000 computers

Below, we put together an interactive visualization of all our users around the world, complete with sample reviews in their native languages. Feel free to rotate the globe below, tap on some countries and explore the reviews in the app store. Those white animated pings you see represent people actively using our apps around the world!

{{&tool “Qbix/reviews” app=”Calendar” countryCode=”US”}}

Of course, we are pretty proud of reaching this milestone. But our biggest announcements are still ahead this year. They have to do with the Qbix Platform and the QBUX Token.

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