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Index of Solutions

This page contains an index quickly linking you to the Qbix features you'll need to use in order to solve each particular challenge in building your app.

Website and Mobile Site

Solution Qbix Platform Feature
Custom app values Q_Config (PHP),
Q_Response::setScriptData() (PHP)
Plugging in functionality "Q"/"plugins", "Q"/"appInfo" (Config)
Common Javascript operations Q.each (JS),
Q.extend (JS),
Q.getter, Q.batcher, Q.pipe (JS)
Events Q.Event (JS),
Q::event() (PHP)
Views and Templates Q.Template (JS),
Q::view() (PHP),
Q_Response::addTemplate() (PHP),
Q_Response::setSlot() (PHP)
Requests Q.request() and Q.req() (JS),
Q.handle() and Q.loadUrl() (JS),
Q.cookie() (JS),
Q_Request (PHP),
Q_Session (PHP),
Q_Valid::requireFields() (PHP),
Routes (PHP)
Pages Q_Response (PHP),
Q.page() (JS) Q.Page.onLoad(), Q.Page.beforeUnload (JS)
Reusable components Q::tool() (PHP),
Q.activate(), Q.Tool.active,
Q.Tool.byId(), tool.children()
event.set(callback, tool) (JS) Q/tabs, Q/filter, etc. (tools)
Designing components Q.Tool.define() (JS),
Q.Tool.jQuery() (JS)
"$Module/$name/tool" event (PHP)
User Interface Q.Browser (JS),
Q.Pointer (JS),
Q.Animation (JS),
Q.Dialogs (JS),
Q.info.isMobile, etc. (JS),
html.Q_isMobile, etc. (CSS),
Websockets Q.Socket (JS)
Database access "Db"/"connections" (Config),
"Q"/"connections" (Config),
Db (PHP),
Db_Row (PHP) Sharding (PHP, Node.js)
Installer and versioning scripts/Q/models.php script,
scripts/Q/configure.php script scripts/Q/install.php script scripts/$Module/$ver-$Connection.mysql and scripts/$Module/$ver-$Connection.mysql.php
Deploying and optimizing scripts/Q/combine.php script "Q"/"environments" Config

Users and Accounts

Solution Qbix Platform Feature
User signup and login Q.Users.login() (JS),
Q.Users.loggedInUser() (JS),
Q.Users.loggedInUserId() (JS),
Q::loggedInUser($throwIfNotLoggedIn), Q::logout() (PHP),
Q_Valid::(), Q::logout() (PHP),
Q.Users.login({using:"facebook"}) (JS),
stream.invite() (JS)
User onboarding Q.Users.login() (JS),
Q.Users.hint() (JS)
Rendering users Users/avatar tool,
Streams/participants tool, Q.Streams.Avatar (JS),
Selecting users Streams/userChoser tool
Letting users vote Q.Users.vote() (JS)
Contacts Streams/contacts tool,
Streams/contacts stream
Contact labels Q.Users.roles (JS),
Streams/labels tool,
Streams/labels stream

Streams and Data

Solution Qbix Platform Feature
Understand streams Concept of Streams,
stream.fields, stream.get() (JS),
$stream->$field, $stream->getAttribute() (PHP)
Editing in-place Streams/inplace tool,
Streams/html tool "Streams"/"froala"/"key" (Config)
Uploading images Streams/image stream type
Uploading files Streams/file stream type,
Content delivery network (Config)
Fetching streams Streams::fetch() (PHP),
Streams/stream (HTTP REST),
Q.Streams.get() (JS),
stream.refresh() (JS),
stream.retain(), stream.release(), Q.Streams.refresh() (JS) Q.Streams.Stream (JS),
Streams_Stream (PHP)
Saving streams Streams::create() (PHP),
Q.Streams.create() (JS),
$stream->save() (PHP),
stream.save() (JS),
Control access to a resource $stream->test{Read|Write|Admin}Level() (PHP),
stream.test{Read|Write|Admin}Level() (JS),
Q.Streams.Dialogs.access() (JS),
Streams_Access table
Fetching streams Streams::fetch() (PHP),
Streams/stream (HTTP REST),
Streams.get() (JS),
stream.retain(), stream.refresh() (JS),
Streams.get() (JS),
Inviting users stream.invite() (JS),
$stream->invite() (PHP),
Streams/participants tool
Related streams and categories Streams/related tool,
Streams/category stream type
Lists, indexing, searching, filtering See "Related streams and categories"
Subscriptions and notifications Q.Streams.subscriptionDialog() (JS), Streams_Rule class (PHP)
Designing stream types "Streams"/"types"/$type (Config), $app/config/streams.json (Config), Q.Streams.define() (JS),
Q.Streams.onMessage (JS),
Q.Streams.Message.post (JS),
Q.Streams.Message.simulate and Q.Streams.flush (JS),
"Streams"/"types"/$type/extend (Config),

Places and Areas

Solution Qbix Platform Feature
Add plugin "Places"/"google"/"keys"/{"server"|"web"} (Config),
Q.Places.loadGoogleMaps() (JS),
Track user location Places/location tool,
Streams/user/location stream,
Places_Location::userStream (PHP)
Autocomplete typing Places/autocomplete (HTTP)
Places::autocomplete (PHP)
Nearby locations Q.Places.distance() (JS)
Places::distance() (PHP)
Nearby::stream() (PHP)
Nearby::forPublishers() (PHP)
Nearby::forSubscribers() (PHP)
Nearby::subscribe() (PHP)
Nearby::unsubscribe() (PHP)
Nearby::relateTo() (PHP)
Areas within locations Location::stream (PHP)
Location::addArea() (PHP)
$location->related() (PHP)

Websites and Admins

Solution Qbix Platform Feature
Add plugin "Websites"/"user"/"id" (Config),
Support website articles Q.Users.roles (JS),
Websites/article stream type,
Let admins manage SEO Websites/admins label,
Websites/seo tool,
websites_permalink table
Websites/article stream type,

Native Apps

Solution Qbix Platform Feature
Distributing Apache Cordova (PHP),
scripts/Q/combine.php script
Authentication OAuth (PHP and JS)
In-app notifications Q.Streams.subscriptionDialog() (JS) In-app notifications (JS)
Exposed urls handleOpenUrl (PHP and JS)
Bundle cache "Q"/"environments" script,
scripts/Q/urls.php script,
Q_ct cookie