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What is Money?

The last blog post spoke about two major trends in technology in the last few decades: Centralization of Platforms – leading to a sort of feudalism on the internet The rise of Open Source Software – leading to a democratization … Continue reading

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The Future of Decentralization

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Centralization and Open Source

Act 1: Paradise Lost The internet, from its very inception, was conceived as a decentralized network with no single point of failure. Early apps, such as Email, IRC and FTP, were built around open, decentralized protocols where anyone could build … Continue reading

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Properly Valuing Contributions

A major part of our mission as a company is to empower people. So naturally, at Qbix, we give a lot of thought to the best ways of doing that. This post describes a compensation model that we have designed, … Continue reading

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Four Million Downloads!

Happy New Year, everybody. Coinciding with the start of 2016, we hit another milestone: our four millionth download! Both Calendar and Groups enjoy nearly a 5 star rating in the app stores. To celebrate, we put together an interactive visualization … Continue reading

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Three Million Downloads!

A few days ago, we hit a new milestone. Since we first launched Groups and Calendar, they’ve been downloaded by 3 million people in over 100 countries around the world. Here are some other stats about our apps: Used over … Continue reading

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Fixed Cost Marketing

Maximize your fixed cost marketing before you raise money and throw it at user acquisition. No one at Qbix is an expert in traditional marketing. We’ve focused on other things: carefully designing user experiences, building great products and steadily architecting solutions … Continue reading

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A new kind of social platform

There’s a reason our blog bears those two words, “Empowering People”. Qbix was founded on the notion that great platforms can power great tools, and great tools can empower people to get more done and greatly improve their lives. Today … Continue reading

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1 million downloads, and beyond.

Qbix is starting this new year with some exciting news. A few days ago we passed 1 million downloads! Since we first launched, we’ve always been confident to openly display our stats right on our website. Here are some highlights that … Continue reading

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Calendar Plus has launched!

This is a big milestone for Qbix. After 9 months of development, we finally launched our first paid app: Calendar Plus. And a day later, it’s rocketed into the top 10 Productivity apps, and climbing. We haven’t done any marketing or … Continue reading

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