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Phase 2: Complete!

It’s been a busy summer. What we accomplished Two weeks ago we had our 300,000th download. We are now up to somewhere around 340,000. On average, around 30k people a day use our apps. But all this happened without being … Continue reading


Phase 2: Under way

Back in the end of March, I posted about successful completion of Phase 1. We had released two very successful products: Groups and Calendar, and they were being used by 26,000 times a day 7,500 people. Two months later, our … Continue reading


What Makes Companies Great

Investors have all sorts of criteria for trying to predict whether a company will become a runaway hit. Here’s ours: It’s about the experience of the user (individually) and the user base (collectively). Each person goes through their own personal … Continue reading

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What’s Your Business Model?

Before the internet, most businesses would generate revenue directly from their customers, and invest in marketing to bring in more customers. Only mass media –including newspapers, magazines and TV — was ad-supported. In fact, even AOL made its money using … Continue reading


Phase 1: Successful.

Since January, we’ve accomplished quite a bit. We’ve successfully launched two productivity tools that people seem to love. The vast majority of ratings are 5/5. Our userbase is growing steadily by about 2,000 people a day. And we haven’t done … Continue reading